Cartographic Editor MapEDIT PRO 4.6 - now it deals with scanned photographs.
The Earth surface photograph photogrammetric processing module is upgraded to a new MapEDIT PRO 4.6 version. Now you can use not only aerial and satellite central projection photographs, but also scanned photographs taken, as a rule, from satellites.  
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MapWARP new program product Presentation has taken place.
The MapWARP utility is intended for coordinate referencing, correction, matching of vector maps in the formats MapInfo and ArcView.
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April, 2000
Fibre-optic Networks KOMKOR Are on a City Map.
The program complex beta-version developed by Resident is now being tested by KOMKOR company. 
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March, 1999
GIS assists "British Petroleum" in Russia.
The Resident company has developed beta-version of a program complex including a geoinformation component on the base of MapInfo, which assists Petrol Complex Holding Company (BP, Russia) to make decisions on management of filling station network.
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news on site
The MAP Server Section has been replenished.
A new Kiev digital vector map has been added to the MAP section.

GIS Technology News is A New Server Section.
It presents GIS hi-tech. Furthermore, there is fresh news from the Russia and former USSR countries GIS market.

gis news
Russian government have adopted " Regulations on Registration and Record Keeping of Geographic Object Names, etc. "
The Regulations have established procedure for Registration and Record Keeping of Geographic Object Names, Issue of Dictionaries and Reference Books on Geographic Object Names, Creation and Maintenance of State Catalogue of Geographic Names.

One of the analysis of the GIS market structure in Russia.
Russian Industry Company, one of the largest Autodesk product supplier to the Russian market, states in its press release that it has completed its GIS Russian market analysis.

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